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Last update: 4/15/2018|
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Welcome to the Payment Center & Account Services

For Eric's Store and Eric's Computer Clinic a division of Eric's Store.

You can know login to view your statements online and pay your bill all now on here and can see how your balances and see what you still own and extra there you can't view statements for letgo order this payment center you can view your statements for Eric’s Store and Eric's Store rentals.

Make share you have your invoice number be for you make a payment online.

If you like to view a account on here before you get your own you can login to a guest account that is setup to view only and preview what your account will look like and the account number: guest and the password guest places not your account will be by number this is only test account only.

Place note: Thet Eric's computer clinic has it onwn billing and account page

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